Monday, April 12, 2010

Walkabout Weekend Winner 1

My wife and I are huge fans of walking. It's the best way to discover new neighborhoods and gawk at the amazing houses we see along the way. We live in Tacoma WA which is an old and beautiful city, and we fall more and more in love with her the more we discover. We live within walking distance of the Historic District of Tacoma, so you can only imagine the stunning craftsmanship and architecture we get to see along our walks. I am starting "Walkabout Weekend Winner" to share these great homes and show you a bit of what Tacoma has to offer as far as residential architecture and overall curb appeal! We hope you enjoy and get inspiration from them as much as we do.

Our first Walkabout Weekend Winner is this stunning cottage! Click on pics to enlarge.

She sits on Yakima St., which is a main street but luckily the house sits far back and the road isn't too busy. The fence and extra wide arbor really give it an inviting look. It looks as though a professional landscape artist gave every inch of this property their loving attention. Everything from the knee high shrubs, to the wisteria overhead, to the lightly red stained walkway, comes together to make a cohesive enchanted cottage feel. I want to knock on their door and say job well done, it's beautiful...when can I move in?!

I was tempted to jump into their yard and move that garbage can out of the way. I do however like this idea of a side access leading out to the street making it more convenient to haul out the cans. Did I mention they have a view of the water from out back?!!!

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  1. I think I'm in love! What a charming house. I think it definitely deserved the win. :-)