Tuesday, May 25, 2010

White Open Spaces... (sing it)

We live in a very modest sized home. Don't get me wrong we love it and it's perfect for us now, but once in awhile, I daydream of the day when we have a little more room. I'm a sucker for the beach house/cottage spaces... talk about laid back. I'd be wearing flip flops for the rest of my life if I lived in this place. I love the paneling on the ceiling. That will have to be a definite project in the future for our place, as well as the transom windows above the doors.

I've been keeping an eye out for some free wood, especially old and worn kind of like this table. I'd like to build a dining table someday. I think it'd be a great project with the end result getting years of everyday use. I can see it now, after every dinner... "kids, your dad built this table with his own two hands."...kids reply with, "I know dad, sheesh!"images via Country Home Ideas

Ahhhh, the good life!

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