Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Deluxe Treehouses!

Maybe when you build a tree house for your child someday,
you can make sure it's a place where you want to stay too!

This one was designed and built by Pete Nelson
through his Seattle-based TreeHouse Workshop, Inc.

"Inside the Temple of the Blue Moon on a
primordial patch of forest in Fall City, Wash.

Also a Pete Nelson creation."

"Perched high in the forest of Okinawa is a unique
creation by
master Japanese treehouse builder Kobayashi Takashi."

"The Free Spirit Spheres in British Columbia, Canada are
designed to be treehouses for adults. Handmade
from local wood, they are envisioned for meditation,
photography, canopy research or wildlife watching."

Finca Bellavista treehouse

"A pair of expats in Costa Rica, Matt and Erica Hogan, are developing a 30-lot eco-village in paradise. Finca Bellavista, as the small community is called, will have a microhydro plant on a gurgling stream, solar panels, a recycling center and a common garden. Transportation is by foot or ziplines, and visitors and residents will bunk in the trees."

If you want to find out more about these tree houses and check out some other ones, click here!

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